Why Use Star-Load Freight?
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As a Certified Master Broker®, David will provide you the shipper with not just a service but a personal service. Here's what Star-Load Freight can do for you:

1. As mentioned in the "About Us" Section we here at Star-Load Freight utilize motor carriers that are considered "Backhaulers." Using a backhauler can save your company anywhere from 20-50% on your current "Outhauler" trucker freight rate.

2. Unlike other freight agents/brokers David doesn't just post your load to a load board. As a former truck driver himself David has a contact list of thousands of motor carriers that others simply don't have access to.

3. ALL of our Motor Carriers are screened to verify their authority and insurance.

4. The performance and safety records of the Motor Carriers are consistently monitored.

5. The necessary steps are taken in order to protect you from liability.

6. All of your loads are tracked and traced from origin to destination.

7. If need be, we have the ability to mediate any claims that may arise during the transport of your freight.

8. When you call Star-Load Freight you NEVER have to deal with those annoying automated robots that keep telling you how they don't understand you, or worse, they say something completely different than what you said. When you dial (847) 903-7748 you're calling David's cell phone and if he's unable to answer your call, him and only him will get back to you as soon as he can.

9. David personally takes great pride in seeing his clients happy. You put a lot of elbow grease into your business and as a result, it has become the success that it is today. David wants to help you make it stay that way.

10. David's a no BS kinda guy. The word "Runaround" is not in his vocabulary.